At a Loss for Words

05. AALFWIn a “he said, she said” story, the writer always gets the last word. She is a writer, established and successful, with a full life and supportive friends. Then he walks into a book signing and back into her life thirty years after he first broke her heart. This time, things seem different. The pair reconnects through emails, messages, and fragments of conversation. But love leaves her with a nasty case of writer’s block. Looking for inspiration in the texts around her—optimistic horoscopes, evasive fortune cookies, and suggestions from books on writer’s block—she navigates her way through the relationship that has stolen her gift for language.

Spinning us through the whirlwind of love, Schoemperlen has written a stylish and innovative novel that is a charming take on the modern romance, warm and witty right through to its surprising and delicious resolution.



“Funny, excruciating and ultimately morally ambiguous…A novel that closely resembles sitting on the couch with your girlfriend while she bawls.”~ THE GLOBE & MAIL

“This is a book for those who love words, particularly those who have also loved a person in vain.” ~ QUILL & QUIRE