Encyclopédie du Monde Visible

07. FOD QuebecTranslation of FORMS OF DEVOTION by Dominique Fortier

Plongez dans cette encyclopédie atypique et culottée où les images donnent la réplique aux mots (et vice-versa), où l’on explore avec virtuosité la vie des fidèles et des infidèles, les subtilités du langage corporel ou de l’anatomie masculine, les rouages du roman d’amour sérieux, l’importance de la perspective et des points de fuite. Onze récits finement ciselés, comme autant d’alcôves où dorment chats, horloges, étoiles, coquillages et petites cuillers d’argent.

Encyclopédie du monde visible
(Éditions Alto, Quebec, Canada, 2013)
Translated by Dominique Fortier
ISBN 978-2-89694-107-0



Winner of the Governor-General’s Award for English Fiction

In this illustrated short story collection, Diane Schoemperlen again tests the bounds of her craft, creating an arresting and wonderfully readable work that is also a treat for the eye. The result is a playful, sometimes surreal and often mysterious juxtaposition of a historical fascination with anatomy and classical themes with the author’s contemporary exploration of everyday people, places, and things. Each story is a creative delight, perfectly formed and rich in mischievous wit, irony, and multi-layered meaning. Quite different in form, yet alike in their ability to entertain and provoke, these stories show once again that Diane Schoemperlen’s voice is as intriguing, fresh, and electric as ever.